agile transformation

Adopting agile is never about adopting agile practices. It’s not even about adopting an agile culture. While those things are important, if you don’t achieve better business outcomes, adopting agile is not worth the investment. Your journey toward greater business agility starts by identifying what outcomes are most important to your company’s success. This knowledge helps you lay a foundation for making decisions about how to tailor your approach and guide your transformation to measurably show progress toward your critical business objectives.

our approach

We start by helping you take a look at what your company values from a planning perspective and comparing that against what your customer values from a delivery perspective. Organizations often find themselves operating in ways that don’t align with the goals of their customers. They might try to adopt agile to get things in sync, but end up out of alignment with how the rest of their company does business. Getting everyone working together is a process that can be planned and executed with clearly defined goals and measurable outcomes.


orientation & certification

Our professional training services provide a way to get your teams up to speed with the techniques and thinking tools that enable agile concepts to take flight. Our interactive training courses and workshops build a foundational understanding to help lead your organization’s path towards full-scale agile transformation.

Courses offerings include:

  • Certified ScrumMaster®

  • Certified Scrum Product Owner®

  • Agile Fundamentals

  • Lean Product Management

  • Agile Requirements Workshop

  • And more...


While training can help develop and mature an organization, it is just the beginning. In order to achieve better business outcomes and the full benefits of agile, we believe in following up with targeted coaching and consulting to help navigate your transformation.