Domestic and global crisis management program implementation or enhancement

We live in a day and age where man-made and natural threats are on the rise.  We can assist you by preparing for and responding to crisis or outage events that could impact the safety and welfare of your employees, corporate assets or your organization’s finances/regulatory standing/reputation/brand.  We do not use a one size fits all approach when designing and developing solutions.  Our solutions are tailored for our clients, their needs, the specific risks they face, and when combined with our cost-effective pricing and quality, represent a solid value proposition.

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crisis managmment team training exercises and table top scenario design and facilitation

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We design, develop, facilitate and evaluate realistic table top exercises and simulation testing with your Crisis Management team members and other subject matter experts within your organization.  While not a substitute or replacement for real world experience, scenario based exercises help your leaders, team members and other participants validate their understanding of your Crisis Management plan and its effectiveness.  An organization can test any aspect or portion of its plan using a variety of options including new hire orientation, fire drills, functional or full scale exercises or table tops.