Exercise Design & Facilitation

Exercise types: Enterprise Business Continuity | Recovery & Resolution Financial Event Exercises | Data Center/Technology Interruption | Cyber Attack | Crisis Management | Physical Security Event


Planning includes all phases of an exercise. However, the design component is crucial. We partner with your team to learn your business, understand the desired outcomes and determine the scope, objectives and active participants. Relevant scenarios, exercise type and other requirements will be defined in this phase as well.

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This is when all of your design and planning come together. Strong exercise facilitation is more of an art than a science. Our consultants are experienced facilitating exercises for a variety of participants including, C-Suite, Senior Leaders, 3rd party vendors, State/City Emergency Managers and global participants in the Americas, EMEA and APAC.


As the picture suggests, when documenting your exercise results, you must have your “ducks in a row.” Effectively documenting and addressing lessons learned, action items and opportunities for improvement during the exercise is critical to the success and credibility of your program. This is vital if your company is operating in a regulated industry such as financial services, health, energy, etc. We will collaborate with your team to ensure results are documented to internal and external compliance, audit and regulatory standards.