We deliver quality-driven, professional services to help safeguard employees, facilities and other valuable assets and investments within your organization.  We strive to ensure that your organization’s most valuable resources are secure and are able to manage, support and perform their responsibilities regardless of their operating environment.

threat & vulnerability assessment

We provide a robust and vigorous threat and vulnerability assessment that helps to identify physical and operational vulnerabilities that require a fully integrated security program solution.  Our risk professionals focus on reducing/mitigating risk using an “all hazards” approach – analyzing your current security environment from multiple angles.


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penetration testing\Red Teaming

Many organizations devote significant time and resources towards the defense of their facilities without ever testing the effectiveness of the controls they’ve put in place.  Physical security vulnerabilities can expose your organization’s most precious resources to catastrophic risk without proper and regular testing.  These assessments focus on identifying potential gaps/weaknesses that could be exploited and determining viable solutions to remedy them.