Cloud Strategy definition, assessment and transformation

Using cloud services can help drive cost savings, flexibility, scalability, security and compliance for your mission critical applications.  We will work with you to evaluate the suitability of your applications for the cloud, identify various cloud platforms/options, and develop and design an overall cloud implementation strategy and roadmap.

Data Center Recovery Planning

There are many reasons why systems lose data or stop operation, including hurricanes, flooding, power/utility outages, internet outage, hardware failures, phishing attacks, malware or even acts of sabotage.  But regardless of the cause, recovering your technology can be done quickly and efficiently with the right Disaster Recovery plan..

Disaster simulation exercises

Table top exercises with your data center recovery team helps to validate their ability to quickly and efficiently respond and recover from various outage situations.  We understand the value and benefit of incorporating senior management/leadership from both technology and the business area when performing table top exercises.  Participants are able to understand the entire ramifications of an outage as well as their responsibilities and contributions when responding or recovering.  We design and develop scenarios that are realistic to ensure maximum engagement from all participants.

Disaster recovery plan assessment and maintenance

Disaster Recovery planning is an ongoing and continual process.  Maintaining and updating your plans to ensure they reflect the current technology operating environment is vital.  Along with that, performing regular assessments of your plans against industry standards will provide your organization’s leaders as well as regulatory entities with assurances that your Disaster Recovery program aligns with and can support the requirements and objectives of your business.